Recepten uit de keuken van Luciana gemaakt met Philips keukenapparatuur zoals Air Cooker, Airfryer, pastamaker, Onionchef, avance multicooker, micro slowjuicer, etc…


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Welcome to Lucianas Kitchen!!! I recently started this foodblog because cooking is one of my biggest passions in life. I find it hard to re-write my recipes over and over again. Somehow I keep losing track of them, so in order to keep them all in one place I started this foodblog. Besides that I’m the type of person who likes to share. So that’s another good reason to start this foodblog. Since September last year, I started to make some lifetime changes. After a tough year with some health problems I decided to see if it was possible to eat healthy and to loose some weight. I bought myself an Airfryer Avance XL from Philips. The airfryer uses a unique patented combination of high-speed air circulation, with a top grill, called Rapid Air technology. The Rapid Air technology makes the hot air circulate very rapidly around the ingredients. With the usage of little or even without any oil you can make the most delicious French fries, snacks, pies, meat fish etc. Besides the Airfryer I also invested in buying the Philips Soupmaker. To me it turned out to be a golden deal as well. Without paying attention the Soupmaker makes the most delicious soups in just 20 minutes. The interface is so ridiculously simple that one might get stumped how to use it because you are expecting something more complex. The panel comes with a start/stop button and a function selecting button. Each time you press the button, it moves on to the next function and once your desired function is selected, all you do is press the start button and allow the Soupmaker to go about its business. The first and second functions are for creamy and chunky soups respectively. The creamy soup function uses the blender in the end to give the soup a smooth consistency. The third option is for making compote. This is great for converting seasonal fruits into compotes for going on top of toast or desserts. The fourth option is for smoothies. So if your health conscious lifestyle demands a soup for dinner, you can have a smoothie for breakfast. Just throw in all the ingredients and hit this function, pour into your glass and you’re set! The last function is the manual blender function. If you feel you want to blend your creamy soup further or blend just about anything, you can select this function and use the start button to blend for as long as you keep it pressed. And blending stops as soon as you release this button. The Airfryer and the Soupmaker have been my best pals since September 2014. I daily challenge myself to prepare as much of delicious and healthy meals as I possibly can. If you are a big fan of Airfryer/Soupmaker recipes, than you are at the right address. So far I managed to lose 28 pounds of weight. If you follow me daily you will see how exactly I am reaching my goals. Because I still appreciate good food, today I add healthy to my food. I am also a huge fan of the world cuisine. My multi-cultural background (born out of a Brazilian mother and an Indonesian father) is being reflected in my cooking style. My cooking style is the world cuisine with an outspoken preference for both kitchens. So if you are looking for original, unique recipes, than here is a good chance that you will find them. Sharing to me is something natural to do. I believe in sharing recipes. I also think that if you share your recipes, that you must explain well enough what the stages are, which steps to follow and that you have to explain the do’s and the don’ts. To me that is exactly the point, which makes a recipe easy or too hard to follow. So I use as much of visual aspects in explaining my recipes such as photo’s and even sometimes films. I will try to share my recipes with a width audience. So that’s why I have google translate on my page. It helps you to translate the recipes in your own language. Please do not hesitate to ask me if something is not clear enough after reading my recipes. If necessarily ask me, you will always get a reply. Do share my recipes with your friends and families. The only thing I ask in return is that when you share my recipes, that you do not forget to mention my page as the source, where you have found this recipe, which you have tried J. Do not forget to like my facebook page at:

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